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Whitworth Mallinson has a wealth of experience and capabilities. Take a look below at our other services or get in touch to see if we are able to provide for your project.


and beyond


Whitworth Mallinson pride ourselves in providing a full range of services to our Clients, enabling even the most challenging requirements to be completed with precision and ease. 

On top of our years of expertise in sheet metal fabrication, we are able to offer assistance in sub-assemblies, anodising aluminium and powder coating.


We provide a lot of sub-assemblies for our clients, including the bonding our aluminium with fibre glass parts, hinges and accessories etc. This enables our clients to create efficient work flow and eases project management. 

We understand that your sheet metal fabrication needs may not only be structural, but depend on being very aesthetic. That's why are are able to provide aluminium anodising. This will enhance the natural corrosion resistance that aluminium benefits from creating a piece that looks good and remains 100% recyclable and 100% aluminium. Whitworth Mallinson operates high levels of standards in this field with aims to use of anodising skills to create a finished metal that looks good and last longer with minimal maintenance. 

Sometimes projects require a colouring to the metal fabrication to enhance branding our aesthetics. Whitworth Mallinson are proud to offer Powder Coating services, enabling our customers to cut the needs for further applications through other providers.
We are able to powder coat in any colour, opening up the finishing of your metal to a full range of possibilities.



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