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Established in 1942.

Ready for Today.

Prepared for Tomorrow


Whitworth Mallinson first opened their doors in 1942, providing metal solutions for the aircraft industry. Trusted throughout the 40s and 50's, Whitworth Mallinson expanded into the commercial workplace in 1960, providing a host of sheet metal fabrications for many industries. 

Nicholas McIver's (current owner) Father took on the business and built on the foundations, investing in CNC machinery and driving the business forward delving into numerous different and varied industries. 

Today the business thrives, using new machinery, new technology and the latest computer driven work flow techniques to provide the consistency and reliable their client have come to know.


At the very heart of Whitworth Mallinson is a workforce of dedicated and talented employees, with many of these spending their whole working careers at the company, mirroring the reliability we have built upon. 

The foundations of Whitworth Mallinson were born on the high standards required from the aircraft industry and we are proud that the same standard have carried through to today. High precision sheet metal work can be reliably manufactured on time to a competitive price. 


77 years of experience has given us a complete understanding of many industries and from this experience we are able to advise the best solution for your needs.


Not only can we work to very precise CAD drawings, but we can also offer valuable direction in getting the best from our machines and workflow. Please get in touch to see how we can provide for your project needs. 


As new requirements are created, new technologies and processes are developed.


We understand the importance of not only providing a service you can rely upon, but a solution to cut lead-time and ultimately cost. 

That's why Whitworth Mallinson are committed to discovering and evolving our solutions, enabling you to think big.

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